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The second issue of the “Professional Horticulture” electronic edition has been released

12. May, 2017


We continue to inform gardeners about the latest and most relevant scientists and the industry – the second issue of the online edition of Professional Horticulture came out.

It was issued by the Institute of Horticulture, in cooperation with the Latvian Fruit-Growing Association, the Latvian Gardener Society and the Association of Plant Breeders.

Taking into account the readers’ positive assessment of the first issue, the Ministry of Agriculture has found the possibility to support this edition, therefore it is available free of charge here Two more editions are scheduled for this year – July / August and November.

In this issue, scientists from the Institute of Horticulture and the Latvian Plant Protection Research Center provide information on what’s going on in the garden during this period. Several farm managers share their experience of the harvest year of the previous year, as well as the various challenges that have been encountered. We hope that any of the articles will be useful to any of you!

We are glad that professional gardeners also came into the process of creating this edition of the magazine, because exactly the experience gained in each farm can be very useful for someone who faces similar problems. Only by cooperating scientists with industry specialists can we hope for a faster development of the horticultural industry!