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Presentations from ICT-AGRI-FOOD Innovation Forum

Download presentation below
ICT-AGRI-FOOD – Support for agrifood tech research projects
with Dr. Johannes Pfeifer, Coordinator at ICT-AGRI-FOOD
Download presentation below
S3 Smart Specialisation Platform – Vision for Agrifood R&D
with Dr. Katerina Ciampi Stancova, Coordinator for Agrifood at S3 PlatformDownload presentation below
S3 High Tech Farming – Vision for Precision AgTech
with Fabio Boscaleri, Coordinator at S3 High Tech FarmingDownload presentation below
EIP-AGRI – Vision for orchestrated agrifood innovation
with Willemine Brinkman, Deputy Team Leader at EIP-AGRIDownload presentation below
SmartAgriHubs & IoF2020 – Best practices of EU pilot projects
with Dr. George Beers, Project Director at SmartAgriHubs and IoF2020Download presentation below
DEMETER – Best practices of EU innovation project
with Kevin Doolin, Project Director at DEMETER