Pārdod saimniecību Igaunijā

Pārdod saimniecību Igaunijā

16. jūlijs, 2022


Latvijas Augļkopju asociācijas ir vērsies Igaunijas uzņēmējs meklējot potenciālos pircējus savai augļkopības saimniecībai (āboli 11ha).

Informācija par saimniecību (angļu v.)

On the island of Saaremaa in Estonia, there is an apple orchard in full fruit for sale! We are looking for new professional owner.

The growing area is currently 11 ha. Dense planting mainly on rootstocks M26, MM106. The yield in the last two seasons is about 100 tons and it is increasing. Approximately half of the area has been renewed with young trees that will reach maturity in the coming years. Good varieties throughout the harvest period. Krista, Auksis, Zarja Alatau, Ligol and others. The company’s balance sheet includes a large amount of real estate, a modern cold store for storing up to 200 tons of apples, all necessary gardening equipment, modern machines (New Holland tractor, new MultiOne loader, new harvester, sprayers, rototiller, mowers etc), sorting line, packaging machines, materials, etc. The company is profitable, valued by the customers and works successfully. There is an established sales network in the retail trade. The owner is retiring and wants to sell his garden to professional growers. The new owner can resume operations immediately. The purchase price is largely negotiable. If you are interested, please contact me so that I can provide more detailed information and direct contacts. Some information about us from our website www.ounaaed.ee 

Contact : Anneli Varjun+372 5545809 (also WhatsApp)